Why Can’t I Link Netflix To Google Home?

Netflix has risen to become one of the most popular streaming platforms globally. The platform provides its over 222 million users with tons of media to view at their disposal. However, y several users have been experiencing difficulties connecting their Netflix account to Google home. If you’re one of them, you might be asking, Why Can’t I Link Netflix To Google Home?”

There are at least three reasons you can link Netflix to Google Home. It might be that the cookies and caches are preventing it or the app is outdated. If you’re encountering this challenge, then stick around because this article will be helpful to you. Here, we’ll talk about some viable solutions to resolve this problem. So, let’s get started.

Can Google Home Turn On TV?

Using voice commands, you can turn on your television via Google Home or Google Nest, whether display or speaker. However, it’s important to note that this feature may not function in all regions.

Where Is The Casting Button On Netflix?

On the screen, click on the Home tab at the bottom left. Then, scroll over to the Devices segment and locate your Chromecast. If your Chromecast device is among the listed devices, it will be on the same network as your Smartphone. However, if your device isn’t listed, it most likely isn’t connected to the same wireless network as your Android device.

Why Can’t I Link Netflix to Google Home?

There might be three possible reasons why you can’t link Netflix to Google Home. They might be an outdated app, cookies, caches, or purely technical errors. But first, you’ve got to understand that there’s nothing wrong with your Netflix account, and it’s not a serious problem. So, if you’re bothered about a glitch in the connection of your Netflix account to Google Home and asking, why Can’t I Link Netflix To Google Home? Check the details below.

Why Can't I Link Netflix To Google Home

1. Glitchy Cookies and Cache within the Google Chrome Browser

The first possible problem is the Cookies and Cache in your Google Chrome browser. This will most likely be the major cause of such a glitch.

2. Outdated or Faulty Google Home App

The next possible cause is a faulty or outdated Google Home application. This can mostly occur when you don’t frequently update your Google Home application.

3. Technical Issues within Netflix (Most Uncommon)

Another possible cause for this can be a technical problem from the Netflix application, although this is usually not so common.

Now that we’ve understood the three possible reasons for this to occur let’s consider the solutions to them in the next section.

How to Troubleshoot Why Can’t I Link Netflix To Google Home?

The problem of Netflix’s account not linking to Google Home is not so unique, as it can occur to anyone. Moreover, we’ve got the solution for you if you have this challenge. Let’s discuss them in the following procedures below.

How to Troubleshoot Why Can't I Link Netflix To Google Home

1. Clear out all Cookies and Cache from Google Chrome

This is the foremost solution you should consider, for a good reason. After browsing for a long time, your cache and cookies accumulate. Thus, there’s a high chance you’re having this challenge because your web browser is messing up. So as a solution, you will need to erase all cache and cookies.

Also, you maybe need to clear your browsing history and ever-related settings. Moreover, note that this will also erase all your passwords stored within the Google Chrome browser.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall the Google Home App

Here is another interesting solution you should try. If the first alternative didn’t work, reinstall your Google Home app. There is a chance that the app is not connecting to your Netflix account because it’s not working as it ought to.

Therefore, you should ensure to uninstall the Google Home app and completely wipe off any related data. After then, you can now head over to Google Play Store and download the app to your device, but the latest version of the app. Then, after downloading and reinstalling the app, we suggest that you recheck it. Try to connect your Netflix account to the Google Home app.

3. Contact Customer Support

Finally, if nothing works after trying all the above solutions, you’d need to try out this one. Contact customer support via chat, email, or phone call, or you can even go to their physical location if you can. By reaching out to them, an expert will be able to sort out the solution to the problem for you. Alternatively, they can direct you on some steps to troubleshooting the problem adequately.

How to Link Netflix On Google Home

To link your Netflix account to Google Home, connect your devices via the Google Home application. After that, connect the Netflix app to your Google account. Below are the steps to do so effortlessly:

  • On your smartphone, locate Google Home and open the app.
  • Click on the ‘Menu’ option.

Click on the ‘Menu’ option

  • Under the Google Assistant section, choose More settings.
  • Then, click on the ‘Services’ tab.
  • Choose Videos and Photos.

Choose Videos and Photos.

  • Locate Netflix and click on the Link icon to connect your Google account to the Netflix app on your Android.

Locate Netflix and click on the Link icon

Here, in this video, GeeksOnWheels teaches us on how to connect you’re your Netflix account to a Google Home Mini.

Is Google Assistant the Same as Chromecast?

Google Assistant isn’t the same as Chromecast; it’s an intuitive application that allows controlling your networked devices, including Chromecast. Thus, using your smartphone, you can access, control, and manage the Google Chromecast device. Also, Google Home is very compatible with Chromecast Audios, traditional Chromecast, and other devices that come with Chromecast embedded.

What Can You Link to Google Home?

Notably, you can connect the Google Home app to the original Chromecast device. This is a wireless media dongle that allows you to stream applications like YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, HBO Now, and Spotify to your television. Also, you can use it to connect your iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, or PC to the TV as a controller.

Can Google Home Change TV Channels?

Using your Google Home app, you can give voice commands to your television to switch off or on. You do this by saying, “Hey/Ok Google switch off the bedroom TV,” then to change channels, you can say, “Hey Google, previous/next channel on the bedroom TV.” Alternatively, you can say, “Hey Google, channel up/down on bedroom TV.”

Can Google Home Play Netflix on Android TV?

Netflix is one of the video applications supported on the Google Home applications. Therefore, you can control Netflix on all Google Home-supported devices via the Google Assistant voice commands.

How Do I Connect Netflix To Google Nest?

To connect Netflix to Google Nest, link the Google Nest Hub device and Smartphone to the same Wireless network. Then, open Google Home on your smartphone, and click on the plus (+) icon at the top left part of the screen. Then, click on Videos, search for Netflix, then select the Link option. After that, follow the instructions to log in and connect your Netflix account.

Can Google Home Play Netflix Audio?

After connecting your Google Home Mini and Chromecast, you can now control your TV using a voice command on your Google Assistant. Then, you can cast your audio content to the TV for YouTube Music, Netflix, HBO Now, Google Photos, and lots more.

Can I Cast Netflix from My Smartphone to my Google Nest Hub?

It’s not only possible to cast Netflix from your smartphone to your Nest Hub, but it’s also effortless. You’d require the Netflix app downloaded on your phone. After downloading it to your device, open the application, play a title, click on the cast iron, then select your Nest Hub gadget. This will connect easily so long as you’ve connected both devices on the same wireless network.

When you connect them, Netflix will automatically display on the Nest Hub’s screen. This way, you can easily stream and watch any required video, photo, or audio from your smartphone on your Nest Hub. Melvin Thompson explains much better how to get Google Home on your Nest Hub in this video.


Why Can’t I Link Netflix To Google Home? There are three possible reasons why you can’t link Netflix to Google Home. The first is that your browser cookies and cache from Google Chrome are clustering the app can cause glitches. The second possible reason can be because of an outdated Google Home application. Thus, uninstall the Google Home application from your smartphone, then reinstall it back on your device.

The last possible cause of why this is not working as you expect is that you’re facing a technical issue and may require expert support. Thus, contact customer service for more assistance.

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