Google Home APK Download For Free

If you are doing google home automation and enjoying an easier life, you need a google home apk to control all of this stuff. And this google home app is one of the best smart home controlling apps right now available in the market. So you need to install this app to ensure all of the possible controls.

Here you are about to get a google home apk download link along with everything that you need to know about this app. In addition, I will share how to use this app on your pc.

What’s New?

The Google Home app has also been updated with a new look. The look of the app is now more streamlined and sleek. In addition, the app is now easier to use and navigate.

Google Home APK Download

The Google Home app has been updated with a few new changes. One of the changes is that you can now control the Chromecast devices in your home from the app. This is a great new feature, especially if you have a lot of Chromecast devices. In addition, you can now easily control what is playing on each of your devices.

Also, you can see your daily schedule and upcoming events right in the app. This is a great feature, especially if you use Google Calendar. You can now easily see what you have coming up in the next few days.

Moreover, you will get a shorting feature for events in the home feed for better navigation and ensuring you never miss any events at all.

Install Google Home For PC?

Google Home app is only available for mobile. You can download the latest google home apk version for android or get it for iOS, but not on a pc unless you use an emulator. Emulator allows you to install any mobile apps to your pc by creating a virtual android machine.

So how can you do that? There are two popular emulators, such as Bluestacks and Memu. And I am going to discuss the Bluestacks method as well as cast via chrome. Since emulators are able to run android apps, you can get the full features of the google home app as you experience it on a smartphone. This is a great option to quickly check everything while you are busy with your work or your phone is not near you.

Method1: Install Google Home Using Bluestacks

Before continuing this method, you have to download Bluestacks for PC. Use the following link to download it.

  • After downloading the file, double-click on that file name to start installing the app.
  • It will start the setup wizard, and you have to follow that for completing the installation.
  • Now you can see the Bluestacks icon on your desktop. Double click that icon to launch Bluestack on your PC.
  • Then go to the browser and use this latest google home apk download link and download it. It will ask for the location. Or you can go to the google play store from the Bluestacks then sign in to your google account and search for Google Home app.
  • After that, install the app and open it after completing the installation.
  • Finally, you can launch the Google Home app on your pc using the Bluestacks emulator.
  • You can now connect it with your Google account to see the existing devices you have set using your smartphone.

Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator for Windows or Mac. But this is not a convenient option for most computers because it requires heavy specifications for running smoothly. Also not a suitable app for computers.

Opening this app is like playing a high-end game. So you can imagine what damage it can do to your computer. In this scenario, you can try the following method. Or you can use the Memu emulator using the above method.

Method 2: Use Google Home App Via Chromecast

This is not for using all the google home app devices. You can cast any video or audio to the connected smart devices from your computer. How can you do that?

  • First, you need to ensure you have signed in using the same google account.
  • After playing that file into your youtube or other streaming sites, you can cast that to any other device.
  • So, go to the three dots menu and click on the cast. And it will search for connected devices.
  • Now select a particular device to play that file.

As you can see, this method is not able to provide full features of the google home app. If you are not comfortable using an emulator, this simple and easy option is going to give a glimpse of your smart home features. But this is not the ultimate solution at all. To be precise, there is no perfect solution for using the google home app on pc but an emulator. So you have to bear some lags, which you can eradicate if you are using a high-end pc with a better graphics card.

Features of Google Home App

Since you are about to download the latest Google Home app, let me tell you the features of this app that you can enjoy and make your life easier.

  • Connect various google devices such as Nest, Chromecast, and google wifi, along with tons of google home supported devices.
  • Control devices, including schedule option.
  • Monitor the cameras and take actions as required.
  • Organize devices based on room and category.
  • Get alerts of any intruding on your home.
  • Share the access with your family members.
  • Control your internet devices
  • Get events notifications and shorting.
  • User-friendly interface with easy login.
  • Add or remove a device easily.
  • Connect google home mini for voice control


So that was all about the google home apk latest version. And you know all the features and changes after updates to get an idea of what you are about to enjoy. Google Home is an excellent automation system for your home. However, sometimes the newer version does not work with all the smartphones. So Google Home old version apk download link that I included here surely will help you to solve this problem. Also, you can use an emulator to launch the google home app on your pc and control all of the devices. However, a smartphone is the most convenient option for this.