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Google Home automation system is the second most popular automation system right now. Because of the user-friendly interface, it is growing day by day. And google home app is the main app to control the supported device and connect with the google home mini device for voice control.

Do you like to know more about this app and enjoy all the exciting features? Then stick with me and enjoy this article where I am about to discuss the google home app and how it works and its features.

What is Google Home App?

The Google Home app is a voice-activated assistant that can be used to control various devices in your home, such as your television, lights, and thermostat. You can use the Google Home app to ask questions, listen to music, and even control your smart home devices.

If you are using a google home automation system, this is the essential app for controlling all of your devices with your voice command. Also, some of the Google devices only work with the google home app to do smart control. So you can say this is one of the best home automation apps available right now.

Feature Of Google Home App

Google Home app consists of numerous features. But let’s discuss 6 prime features of this app that can ease your everyday life of controlling home appliances and devices. These features are so important for your home automation system you have to know their details. And that is what you are about to know here.

Feature Of Google Home App

Control Smart Devices

The main feature of this app is indeed controlling other smart devices with ease. This app can control any device that supports google home automation. By that, I am not talking about only turning on or off but also monitoring devices, two-way talking, smart scenarios, and all smart control stuff. And these devices could be a simple bulb or even a high-powered air conditioner.

No matter what the device is, as long as it supports google home, you can control it with this app. And making connections with the app is easy and faster than other google home alternative apps. Also, it automatically connects devices with the google home mini for voice control.

All Cameras in One View

There could be many cameras in your home, such as indoor security cameras, outdoor security cameras, doorbell cameras, and pet cameras. You can see the live footage of all of your home cameras on a single screen. Therefore it makes your monitoring a lot easier and similar to monitoring your house or property using a professional monitoring system. Also, you can click on any camera view to zoom that specific camera view and do other actions like turn that off or, if anyone intrudes, speak with that person.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Just like all cameras on a single screen, you get a user-friendly dashboard for controlling the entire home. You can find all of the connected devices in that dashboard. And devices are available in category and name so that you find them easily. Without any hassle, you can access and control any device just by tapping on the name of that device.

Also, the dashboard shows all the current activity of your home devices. So, for example, if your son is watching TV in the living room or the light is unusually turned on, you can see that on the dashboard. So it would be a lot easier for you to control that device.

The dashboard is available in dark and regular mode for soothing your eyes.

Track Events

Most smart devices have motion-detecting sensors to avoid any incident. Also, it helps to activate a certain device based on the requirements. For example, some security cameras start recording after getting any unusual activities in front of the camera. Well, events are wider than that. You can see the priority events that happened in the past, and you did not take a look. For example, maybe someone intruded on your property or knocked on your doorbell. You will know all of the events here.

Also, you can short out the events by recent activities or priority activities. That is what you need to know if anything is going wrong in your house or remind you of all the necessary work that you need to do.

Share With Family Members

If only you are the sole controller of all of the smart devices in your home, that is not fair at all. So this app allows you to share access with multiple people to ensure your entire family has control over the smart devices. However, you can give access to specific devices to a particular user.

Also, you can see their activities too. Which device is turned on by who can monitor that also. Sharing app is an essential feature to ensure no security breach in your home automation system as well as let your entire family enjoy the benefits of home automation.

Control Internet

Indeed you need to connect to the internet to have access. Using this app, you can make a connection between smart devices and your router. Also, you can see the current speed of your internet and check the speed anytime. Moreover, it shows the connected devices, and you can also stop sharing the internet using this app. Therefore you have the ability to control the internet of your family member and ensure no one misuses the internet anymore.

For example, if your son is playing games on PlayStation, you can see that from this app. So you know this is not the proper time to spend time on gaming instead of studying and taking quick action to make sure your son is doing the right thing without focusing on gaming.

Download Google Home Pro APK

Here is the google home pro apk download link to take advantage of the pro features and enhance your home automation system. This is the same google home app, but whenever you upgrade to the pro version, it becomes more user-friendly and offers more features to make it one step better.

What’s New?

Being a popular home automation app, it requires regular updates to ensure the customer gets the best user experience. There is something new coming in the next update. What’s that?

  • Better home feed interface
  • Event shorting
  • Events on home feed
  • Updated security system

Although the current version is not creating any significant issues at all, these small changes can uplift the user experience and ensure better control over the devices with maximum security. Also, the google home app gets updated regularly and comes up with exciting features to make your home automation better and better day by day. In the future, you will be able to see drastic changes in the mobile app version, as well as the pc version, which will come soon as I can expect.

How To Install Google Home Pro APK

Check out the step-by-step guide to installing google home pro.

  • Download Google Home Pro APK using the following link.
  • After finishing the download, go to your download folder and select that apAPKk file.
  • Now double tap on that to start to install.
  • If your setting is not enabled for installation permission for an unknown source, it will ask for that.
  • So, allow installation permission from unknown sources.
  • Then go back again and try installing again.
  • Click next and finish the installation.
  • After completing the installation, sign in using your Google account to enjoy the Google Home Pro app on your smartphone.

Google Home Pro For PC

Google Home Pro is not available for PC. But you can install it on your pc using an emulator. Similarly, you have to download it from the following link and then install it to enjoy the home automation feature and control your smart home devices from a desktop or laptop.

If the official app is not working on your pc, you can try the google home mod apk to see if it is supporting your pc or not. Indeed a mod version will support your pc if you download the proper apk file.


Google Home app is one of the most popular apps for home automation systems, a perhaps essential one to do smart control over the home appliances and devices. I hope you got an idea about its current features and how to use it properly. I have added the pc version too for ensuring you have maximum user experience and control from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

In addition, this app constantly updates to provide superb features that can ensure your home automation runs smoothly and you are up to date with the latest features. And that makes it appealing in the market and makes it the second-largest home automation system, along with a powerful Google search engine.