Google Home Alternative App: 10+ Similar Home Automation Apps

Home automation is the next big thing in the tech world. Controlling your home appliances with voice command and smartphone is fun and a time-saving and user-friendly solution. Google Home is one of the most popular home automation apps in the market right now. But there are plenty of other home automation apps available for mass production. So here I am about to show you some google home alternative apps that have better device support.

10 Best Google Home Alternative App

Although there are numerous home automation apps available, I am going to show you the 10 best popular google home alternative apps.

1. Mi Home App

After seeing the success of Google Home and Alexa, Chinese giant tech company Xiaomi introduced their smart home appliances that you can control with the Mi Home App. Here you have all the features that a smart home application should have. Also, it is the Alexa google home alternative app and system.

Mi Home App

You can see the status of your active appliances on the home screen. And you tap on a certain device name to get the details of that device.

Also, you get categorized devices with a grid design that helps to easily access all the devices without hassling a lot. This grid design is more user-friendly than the usual design. Moreover, the icons are easy to understand and large enough to never struggle to tap.

In addition, the app has a separate section for all the security cameras to see live footage at a time. Yet you can access individual cameras as well.

Not only Xiaomi devices, but it supports other devices as well. And available on both iOS and Android. In addition, you can connect it with your Google Home assistant.


  • User-friendly grid design.
  • Supports google assistant voice command.
  • Separate section for security camera monitor.
  • Available on both iOS and Android.

2. Yi Home

This home automation app is for controlling all the security cameras from Yi. And this app is for managing and seeing live footage from the security cameras all over your home.

Yi Home

Although this app does not offer various features, it is a well-organized and user-friendly app with categorized security cameras to easily access any camera.

You can see all the activities in this app separately as notifications to take action based on the situations. And its smart notification pops up immediately after something goes wrong in your house to ensure you have immediate access to that situation.

Also, if anyone wants to intrude on your property, the app will give you an alert to take a look at what is happening. And you can talk with that person via this app.

Therefore it ensures maximum security protection with a superb user experience. This two-way talk feature is the most exciting and important feature. It keeps away the intruders, but you can also talk with other family members and pets.

In addition, multiple people can share this app to get access and ensure someone is looking after your home and making it safe.


  • Multiple camera control with a single app
  • Real-Time footage
  • Smart notification for unusual activities
  • Two-way talk

3. Tuya Smart

It enables users to control their smart devices using a simple, intuitive interface. The app supports a wide range of smart devices, including TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, and light bulbs. With Tuya Smart, you can easily and conveniently manage your smart devices from anywhere, anytime. And it allows you to control multiple devices at a time as long as you are connected to the internet.

Tuya Smart

Also, the app shows real-time alerts for any unusual activities to ensure the maximum safety of your house. However, this is a common feature of all the best quality home automation apps.

Moreover, you can set up some interesting functions, such as starting and turning off a certain device if it reaches a certain temperature, location, or time. For example, if you have a light that you need to turn off after one hour, you can set that using this app.

Furthermore, it has multi-user access in a single app to ensure your entire family gets access to the app and controls smart home devices.

In addition, it supports Google Home and Alexa home automation systems to provide voice control and makes it one step further for user experience.


  • Supports Alexa and Google Home voice command
  • Multiple users access
  • Easy to add and control multiple devices
  • Smart alert notification

4. SmartThings

It is a smart device controlling app from Samsung. The tech giant Samsung recently stepped into the smart home market, and you can control your devices with this app. This could be a perfect alternative to the google home app for your Samsung devices.


Indeed it allows you to control all the devices. But you can also group a few devices and control them at once.

Also, you can set up your favorite devices that you use frequently. Therefore, you can easily see them first and get instant access to all of your necessary devices.

This app has a smart finding feature that shows the real-time location of a device. Suppose that device has a camera you can monitor around. Of course, you can also monitor any security cameras; if that camera has two-way talking features, you can do that.

In addition, you can set up any device according to the time and temperature to turn on or off. For example, you can set up your room heater or air conditioner to turn on five minutes before you reach the home from outside to enjoy the cool weather right after entering the house.


  • Group certain devices to control with a single click
  • Supports voice control using Google Home or Alexa
  • Get alert notifications
  • Control with Samsung smartwatch

5. Smart Life – Smart Living

This is a third-party smart home automation app that supports a wide range of devices. And it allows you to do various smart things that can let you live with ease. So you can say this is the best google home alternative app available right now.

Smart Life - Smart Living

The first thing should be the smart control system that allows you to set up any device to turn on or off based on certain conditions such as time, countdown time, weather, etc. It helps to control devices better and make your life easier. For example, if you set up your smart coffee machine to turn on 5 minutes before you get up from bed, it can make a cup of hot coffee right after you wake up and enjoy it.

Also, you can share it with your family members to let them enjoy smart features and control all the devices; however, if you want to turn off access for certain devices, that is possible with this app.

In addition, it connects with Google Home or Alexa for letting your device sync with your ultimate home automation system and controls everything with your voice command.


  • Smart Control based on the scenario
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Supports voice command via Google Home or Alexa
  • Access to multiple family members and control of user access

6. Home Assistant

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation app that serves a wide range of features. It also supports add-ons to enhance the features.

Home Assistant

Indeed you can add devices easily to your home automation system and control that. But also, you can set up devices based on certain scenarios to enjoy a real taste of smart life.

Also, this app can connect with Google or Alexa home automation to let you do voice-command-based control to your devices yet separately control using this app.

Well, you can share the device access with multiple users and let them control the devices that can make your entire home with a single automation system.

But this app is unique for its energy monitoring system. It lets you monitor the energy consumption of a certain device to see which one is the culprit behind skyrocketing electricity bills and lets you take action.

In addition, the app has categorized options for controlling devices separately or organizing them according to the room and letting you know the status of a certain device.


  • Multiple user access
  • Category based design for easy access
  • Energy monitoring system
  • Supports Google Home and Alexa voice command

7. HomeHabit – Smart Home Dashboard

This app is a dashboard for controlling other smart home systems and devices. For example, if you have light from Wyze and a security camera from Blink, you can control both devices or home automation systems within a single app. This is not an alternative google home app; you can call it the assistant of the google home app.

HomeHabit - Smart Home Dashboard

Here you get a customized dashboard to organize all of your popular home automation systems based on your preference. This app also allows you to connect a smart home system and all of its devices separately.

Also, you can set custom themes and color schemes to make your app dashboard more comfortable for your eyes. Apart from that, you can also control any devices and control them separately and connect to Alexa or Google Home for voice control.

Here you do not need to store data on the cloud; it can save locally to ensure there is no security breach at all. Therefore it provides more security protection and is not easy to hack and take control of your devices.


  • Easy integration to a smart home system
  • Customizable dashboard and multiple themes
  • Store data locally to prevent a security breach
  • Shows the real-time status of a device

8. Yonomi – Smart Home Automation

Another free smart home app allows you to control multiple devices without any issue. This user-friendly app has an awesome interface and easy-to-control features. Adding any device to this app is time-saving and allows you to do a lot of smart control.

Yonomi - Smart Home Automation

First of all, I should mention the versatility of device supporting options starting from Amazon Echo, Google Home to ecobee, Wink, etc. And adding devices is easy to do. Also, you can create a group of devices to control separately.

As usual, you can have a smart setting to turn on/off any devices according to the time and environment to make your life easier and enjoy the real automation of your home. This automated routine does everything on its own and lets you enjoy time-saving tech services with ease.

Yet you can see the current status of a device and monitor a smart security camera along with two-way talk features. And this app gives you smart recommendations according to your previous uses to let you bring back your regular routine.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports a wide range of devices
  • Voice control using Alexa or Google Home
  • Smart routine for full automation

9. Home Slide for Home Assistant

Do you want better and easy control of your smart devices? This app helps to enhance your user experience and better controls your smart devices.

Home Slide for Home Assistant

If you use android 11, then you can enjoy native control panel features and control all of your smart devices just by sliding. Moreover, adding a device is easy, and controlling is indeed faster than usual smart home automation apps.

Yes, you can turn off/on any smart device as well as connect with Google Home or Alexa for voice control. But the most exciting feature should be Watch OS support and control devices with your smartwatch. If the simplified control does not attract you, this smartwatch control surely will.


  • Sliding control panel to easily access all the devices
  • Integrated with smartwatch for enhanced control
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Home
  • Native control from Android 11

10. Alex for Alexa App

This is not a google home alternative app, a tool for google assistant voice command. But, yes, you can say this is an alternative since it teaches you thousands of voice commands that can help you use your phone to control smart devices and use voice commands instead.

Alex for Alexa App

The app consists of more than thousands of Alexa or Google Home commands to make your voice command one step further. Also, you can bookmark the commands to easily remember them for your next use.

Also, you can translate your command using this app to ensure you are doing the right thing by giving your smart home proper commands every time.

Indeed this app connects faster with smart home systems such as amazon echo and googles home mini.

In addition, you can enjoy music from various music streaming platforms using this app. So this simple app is a key to letting you enjoy better and ease your smart device control. Although this app is for google home mini alternative device, Alexa commands it works fine with google home too.


  • Connects with Alexa and Google Home
  • It has more than 1000 commands for voice control
  • Bookmark your favorite commands for later use
  • Enjoy music using this app


So these are the 10 google home alternative apps that you can use to improve your smart home automation system. Even if you do not have a google home mini, use these apps, control certain devices, and get started with your home automation life.

However, these are not the ultimate home automation system unless you have a voice command device such as amazon echo or google home mini. These apps are for better control options for certain devices instead of controlling all of the devices in the google home app, which can be a mess.