Google Home For PC | How To Download (Windows/Mac)

There are numerous ways people can make their life simpler. Carrying out small tasks like turning on the light while you are lying on the sofa is troublesome and reflects laziness.

To make matters easy, Google Home brings you some top-notch features so that you can control your home electrical appliances sitting in any corner of your living room.

Do you know how to install Google Home for PC? Since it is an app based on smartphones, there are some technical steps to follow if you want it on your desktop.

Therefore, check our article and learn to install the Google Home app for PC without further ado.

How To Download Google Home for PC?

We all know the two most common and widely used operating systems- Windows and iOS. Since their basic construction is different, installing Google Home APK on these operating systems will not be similar.

Google Home for PC

So, how do you adapt a smartphone application to the desktop configuration? The users will require special software, commonly known as an emulator, to perform the operation of Google Home on PCs.

Speaking of emulators, the first two names that come into mind is BlueStacks and NOX player. The installation processes are briefly discussed below:

How To Install Google Home by BlueStacks?

If you want to install Google Home for PC without lagging from the computer, BlueStacks will guide you through a tensionless installation period.

This emulator is commonly used among many users to access smartphone applications on PC. The later section will include the minimum system requirement for Google Home app download and a step-by-step guide for the installation process.

System Requirements

ConfigurationMinimum Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 10, and Mac
ProcessorAny type with a good clock speed
RAM4 GB [Minimum]
SSD3 GB of free space
ConnectivityBroadband or data from the smartphone

Download and Installing BlueStacks

  • To install BlueStacks, you can visit their official website and click on the download, or a random search in Google will do the trick.
  • After you have downloaded BlueStacks, click on the setup.exe file.
  • Agree on all the terms and conditions the software provides and wait for the installation period to finish.

Download and Installing Google Home using BlueStacks

  • Now that you have finished installing BlueStacks, click and enter into the app.
  • Log in to your Gmail account from the emulator and wait for verification.
  • After that, search for Google Home download free and download the first icon you observe.
  • Once the download is complete, click on install, and the whole operation is complete.

How To Install Google Home by NOX Player?

The NOX app player is another widely used emulator to download the Google Home app. You can easily download it from their website, and the installation guideline is relatively easy.

Follow the below steps to install Google Home APK for PC.

Download and Installing Nox Player

  • Download NOX player from their official website or random Google search.
  • Click on the install and wait for this task to complete.
  • Agree on the terms to finally initiate the download of Google Home for PC.

Download and Installing Google Home using NOX Player

  • After you are finished downloading and installing the NOX player, activate the emulator and log in to Google Play Store.
  • Search for download Google Home.
  • Click on the install bar and wait for a few minutes.
  • After the installation process is completed, open the app and enjoy its amazing features.

System Requirements

ConfigurationMinimum Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7,8, 10, and Mac
ProcessorIntel or AMD [Higher configuration is recommended]
RAM2 GB [Minimum]
SSD3 GB of free space
ConnectivityMobile or Wi-Fi

BlueStacks vs. NOX Player – Which One Is Better?

If you have carefully read the above sections, you will notice that the installation process of Google Home for PC using BlueStacks and NOX player is quite similar and effortless.

BlueStacks vs. NOX Player

Therefore, what are the parameters to differentiate between these two emulators? To begin with, BlueStacks allow more features than the NOX player, which focuses only on playing high-quality Android games on PC.

If you want your PC to perform fast and efficiently, even running under an emulator, BlueStacks should be the first one to consider.

The table below will show a more organized comparison between Bluestacks and NOX players.

ParametersBlueStacksNOX Player
CPU consumption0.10.15
RAM consumptionLessMore
Installation time5 seconds10 seconds
Booting time9 seconds20 seconds

Download Google Home APK Free

Like the configurations of the two emulators mentioned above, it is also essential to know the basic requirements to download Google Home for Windows or Mac.

So, here goes another table regarding basic information about Google Home. If you want Google Home for PC, make sure that the used emulator is compatible with the following information.

Application NameGoogle Home
Size70 MB
Applicable Android Version6 and above
Last date of update2021-12-01 00:00:00
LicenseFree Edition
Download filenameGoogle Home APK

Features Of Google Home App

Now that you have downloaded Google Home for desktop, do you know how to utilize its true potential? There are numerous features that the user should get familiar with to make their life as simple as possible.

Features of the Google Home desktop are as follows:

  • It can form a pair with a large number of devices
  • It can initiate voice recognitions
  • Easy to set up timers, routines, and schedules for punctuality
  • The home devices are very easy to control
  • Provides notifications if some special events are set in the memory

Connecting Devices Using Google Home

Now, it is time to have fun. To advance in Google Home, you can remotely connect your home electrical or other devices with your Google Home PC. Make sure that the devices you are about to join support all the features of Google Home.

This section will guide you on connecting these devices with your Google Chrome Home app.

  1. Set your home devices to support Google Home.
  2. Connect the home devices according to the following procedure:
  • First, initiate the Google Home application
  • At the top left corner, there will be an option named Set up device
  • Click on it and choose the possible device to pair with Google Home
  1. Manage the paired devices. This step includes:
  • Assign a nickname to the devices
  • Assign devices to a room for less interaction
  • Create more rooms for devices
  • Add more widgets for more control
  • Disconnection of unnecessary devices
  1. Control the connected smart devices.

Now that you have organized all the selected devices to control inside your house. You can start the Google Home app on a PC for a test run.

If you have Google Nest available with you, you can turn on the voice recognition software to give you much easier access to connected devices.

Google Home On Different Versions of Windows

To this point of the article, you are pretty familiar that the two emulators mentioned above- BlueStacks and NOX Player provides complete support on Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac.

Google Home On Different Versions of Windows

Still, different versions of Windows might introduce a different interface. If you follow one procedure to download the Google Home app for Windows 10, that same process might not respond correctly on the Google Home app for Windows 7.

Almost in all versions of Windows, you will need to make sure that Play Store is in the download list. Install it immediately because you will need it to download a suitable emulator.

Google Home app Windows 10 allows the usage of this software with almost no lagging. It is also available in 32-bit or 64-bit, so if you ever face a problem regarding the bit speed of a Google Home laptop or desktop, Windows 10 has the dual option to change the bit setting from 32 to 64 or vice-versa.

If you want some other Google app for Windows 10, check out the Play Store and enjoy some amazing features provided by Google applications. As for the Mac operating system, it is highly recommended to check out the other parameters such as bit sets, troubleshoot errors, and many more before you decide to install Google Home.

Other Alternatives of Google Home

Let’s say that you are not happy with the performance of the Google Home app on Windows 10. You might say that reading this article has been nothing but a waste of time.

Feat not! There are many alternatives to Google Home for PC Windows 10 that you can choose from so that your home appliance controlling software synchronizes with your operating system.

Here are some alternate versions of Google Home Windows 10. Take your pick!

Mi Home App

You must have heard of Mi Home while searching down the Google Home app. This application is based on the Xiaomi environment that controls a wide variety of Xiaomi devices and other home devices such as lamps, security cameras, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Like Google Home for Windows 10, Mi Home is also compatible with different bit settings and another user interface.

Smart Life

I think the name speaks for itself. Like Google Home, Smart Life also ensures a simple and easy lifestyle inside the house. The home appliances are controlled remotely with a voice recognition feature.

You can also get instant feedback on the response time of every operation, which makes it easy for the user to monitor the system’s efficiency.

eWeLink App

You can choose this alternative if you are still not satisfied with the other two applications mentioned above. It allows you to control some exclusive devices like Sonoff and enhances clear voice command and smooth remote control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google Home app?

Google Home application allows you to control your home appliances such as lights, lamps, TV, doorbells, etc. This feature is quite helpful among the people who roam in a wheelchair and is very common in every household nowadays.

With Google Home on your side, you can get all the individual notifications in a single map saving you an enormous amount of time. Maintaining a strict schedule will be very easy thanks to its features of making daily chores.

Whatever data you are receiving and transmitting through this app, Google maintains a secure server avoiding any information leakage.

How to set up Google Home Mini?

Google mini is known as a small speaker that acts as an intelligent device for communication with the user. To set up Google mini, you first need to install Google Home on your PC.

After that, plug in the Google mini and tap on ‘Get Started,’ and your mini speaker is ready to obey every voice command.

Additionally, Google Mini includes many features which makes it must to set up in your house. It can pull up your desired playlist and speak or decode several languages which will help you to maintain a nice conversation with your foreign guests.

How to install Google Home for Win 10?

Check the bit rating of the operating system with the application you are about to download. Then, download an emulator- BlueStacks or NOX player, choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable.

After that, open the emulator and search Google Home for PC. Tap on the first verified icon and hit install. Once the installation process is complete, agree with all the terms and conditions and initiate Google Home Windows.

The other version of Windows might come with a different interface, but we can assure you, the basic guidelines are similar for most cases.


Why do we need Google Home for PC? Because it can provide control over your house from your workstation rather than unlocking your smartphone and demanding the command repeatedly.

Selecting a perfect emulator according to the desktop configuration is also competitive. Do not slow down your desktop’s performance while choosing the wrong emulator.

Google Home provides excellent features, and these home control devices save a million seconds and increase the owner’s comfort level.

Next time you are setting Google Home on your PC, you will thank us for this article.

And you are most welcome!