How Much Is a Google Home Mini?

You’re probably familiar with the Google Home speaker, which is bigger than the Home Mini. If you didn’t get the Google Home speaker due to its high price, here’s something that you might consider going for. You can buy the Google Home Mini for $49. However, you must note that this price may vary depending on your region or location.

The Google Home speaker comes at a higher price of $129 but also shares pretty much the same features as the Home Mini. In this article, we’ll discuss the Google Home Mini and compare it with the Google Home speaker. There’s also a lot more you’ll discover as you read this article, so stay with us.

An Overview of the Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is like a donut-shaped speaker. The Home Mini’s association with a donut isn’t limited to its shape alone; the size also comes to play here. This small speaker has a comfortably small diameter of 4-inch and can neatly fit into your pocket.

An Overview of the Google Home Mini

Considering the Home Mini’s appearance in terms of color, you’ll also be aesthetically impressed. The Google Home Mini is available in three different colors – coral red, dark grey, and light grey. The top of the Home Mini is covered with a soft piece of fabric. This might be something to worry about though since it’s likely to collect dust over time and appear dirty.

Google Home Mini Features

  • The Google Home Mini can connect to devices and play audio wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.1.
  • The Google Home Mini is enabled to work with the Google Virtual Assistant.
  • You can also use this portable mini speaker to control all the Smart devices linked to your phone or tablet.
  • Independent of the type of router you’re using, you can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  • The device also supports usage with Chromecast and Chromecast audio.
  • This Mini version of the Google Home can also connect with both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless networks.
  • Google Home Mini speakers come with powerful microphones that can pick your voice within an impressive range from the speaker.
  • The Google Home Mini comes with four indicator lights that are embedded in the fabric. These lights come in four different colors – green, blue, yellow, and red.
  • The lights embedded on the speaker indicates when the device is either muted, listening, or processing.
  • The Google Home Mini has a mute switch behind it. The mute switch lets you turn off the device’s microphone – which is always listening for your voice –.
  • You can also use voice command to mute the device, depending on which method is convenient.
  • The Google Home Mini allows you to add events and schedules to your calendar and receive calls.
  • You can also use the device to control your smart devices compatible with it.

How Much is a Google Home Mini?

The Google Home Mini is a mini version of the Google Home speaker with the same features. The only difference, however, is in its size. While the Google Home goes for a whopping $129, the Google Home Mini costs about $80 less.

How Much is a Google Home Mini

So, the Google Home Mini costs about $49, which is impressive way cheaper than the Google Home. If you couldn’t buy the Google home due to its size or cost, here’s a good alternative for you to try your hands on.

Both Google Home and Google Home Mini have the same features. The only notable difference between the two devices is in size. If we go deeper still, you could find out some other reasons why the Mini is less expensive.

Why is Google Home more expensive than Google Home Mini?

Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy pretty much the same features on both devices. So, why is Google Home more expensive? Below are some things you might consider:

  • Google home produces better audio quality.
  • Google Home speaker incorporates quality music production with a satisfactory Google Assistant feature. Google Home Mini, on the other hand, only does a satisfactory job with the Google Assistant feature and less with the sound.
  • The controls on the Google Home device are more comfortable than that on the Google Home Mini. On the Google Home Mini, you can mistakenly touch the controls when trying to carry the device. This is because they’re located at the sides and can easily get in a finger’s way.
  • The microphones on the Google Home speaker are more sensitive than that on the Google Home Mini.
  • The Google Home speaker allows you to easily customize your speaker since you can change the base at your wish.

Difference between Google Home and Google Home Mini

The features available on Google Home are pretty much the same as that available on the Google Home mini. However, considering their size, you shouldn’t expect them to have the same performance. We’ll be contrasting the Google Home and its Mini counterpart under some subheadings below.

Difference between Google Home and Google Home Mini

Sound Quality

This is a simple one that you may have guessed already. Google Home comes with a 2-inch driver and double 2-inch passive radiators. Google Home Mini, on the other hand, is only equipped with a single 1.6-inch speaker.

As a result, Google Home has a better sound production than the Home Mini. This goes a long way in making up for its high price. The Google Home Mini still produces quality sound, but with inferior quality and reach when compared to the Google Home.


We can’t really say for sure which of the speakers has a better appearance. This is because different people have diverse tastes and preferences for things. The Google Home allows a bigger space for users to customize the device, while the Mini has cooler features to balance that up.

The Google home has an appealing design and a metal base that looks really impressive. Furthermore, the base of the Google home is replaceable, allowing room for even more customization options. To match this, the home mini is covered with a beautiful piece of fabric and fits better into places where the Google home can’t.


The Google Home Mini has its controls on the sides of the device, while Google Home has its controls on the panel at the top of the device. Also, the Google Home device allows you to control the device using gestures. For example, you can increase the volume of the device by simply turning your finger clockwise or anti-clockwise to reduce the volume.

Google Home vs. Google Home Mini

Feature Google Home Google Home Mini
Customization options Available No customization options
Control panel location At the top of the speaker On the sides of the speaker
Audio quality Better Good
Driver size 2-inch 1.6-inch
Cost $49 $129
Size 5.6 inches tall 1.6 inches tall though a bit wider
Mic sensitivity Better Good
Mute Button Switch
Charging Coaxial DC power jack Micro-USB port

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get a Google Home Mini for Free?

Spotify is giving out free Google Home Minis to its premium users. To claim your free Google Home Mini, below are the steps you should follow:

  • Create a Premium account on Spotify.
  • Log into your premium account.
  • Follow the prompts to claim your Google Home Mini when you click on the link.
  • Make use of the discount code generated on the page to order your Google Home mini and wait for its delivery date.

Is Alexa Better than Google Home?

Alexa does pretty much the same functions as Google. A noteworthy advantage it has is that it is compatible with a wider range of smart devices than Google. Unlike Google, it can control Zigbee devices using Echo Studio, Echo, and Echo Show 10.

What is the difference between Google Home and Google Nest?

Google Nest is a continued version of the Google Home (including Google Home Mini). As such, there’s no major difference between the two devices. It has an impressive performance and comes at an affordable price. Like Google Home, Google Nest is available in two variants – Google Nest Mini and Google Nest Audio.


A Google Home Mini costs a measly $49. Compared to Google Home, it is way cheaper and comes with a smarter design. Both devices come with the same features and do the same functions. Also, they both allow you to use Google Assistant.

The Google Home mini is preferred by many due to its unique portable build. However, if you have the extra $80 to add, we recommend going for Google Home instead. The original Google Home is louder and produces a better audio quality than the Google Home Mini.

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