Do Blink Cameras Work With Google Home?

Probably you’re already familiar with the features of the Google Home app and wish to connect your blink cameras to it. That is an excellent idea, but there is just one drawback to it. Blink cameras are not compatible with the Google Home app. This is the simple answer to the common question, do blink cameras work with Google Home? Some others may also ask, how can I use my blink camera with the Google Home app? If these questions are also on your mind, this article is for you.

We have provided some in-depth information concerning blink cameras and the Google Home app in this post. As you read further, you will discover the different cameras compatible with the Google Home app. Furthermore, if you yet wish to use your blink cameras with this app, we’ve provided the steps through which you can achieve that.

IFTTT Blink Google Home

There are different options to choose from when it has to do with home security and integration. The Google Home lifestyle app is not excluded from these popular ecosystems. This app provides automation with various kinds of devices without hassle. You may want to know whether or not your blink cameras would work with this app.

IFTTT Blink Google Home

As you may already be aware, Blink is an Amazon company. This gives it the leverage to connect seamlessly with the majority of Alexa-enabled devices. More configurations may be required for your blink cameras to connect with the Google Home app. However, there are other ways to link your blink cameras with the Google Home (Google Assistant) app. One of which is the application of the IFTTT (If This Then That) service.

Do Blink Cameras Work With Google Home?

Generally, Blink Cameras do not work with Google Home. This is simply due to compatibility issues. As you may already know, the Blink camera series is a new part of the Amazon services. This is the main reason these sets of cameras only operate with the AI voice assistant of Amazon. This artificial intelligent voice assistant from Amazon is known as Alexa.

Do Blink Cameras Work With Google Home 1

However, there are certain measures you can carry out to link your blink cameras with the Google smart system. You can use other Google cameras with the Google app as an alternative. Using these cameras from Google makes this process pretty easy. But if you still intend to use the Blink set of cameras, then you should know that additional effort would be required.

What Is IFTTT, And How Does It Work?

The majority of people are not familiar with the operation known as “If This Then That.” Most times, it is referred to as IFTTT. So, if you’re one of this set of people, this topic will most likely be vital to you.

The IFTTT is a web-oriented service that you can use to create certain conditions. These conditions are usually activated by the changes that occur in various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Gmail.

Usually, using the IFTTT services requires an extra level of automation and control. So, if you intend to use these services, this is something you should bear in mind. A successful connection of your blink devices allows you to apply different settings to the system. One of which is arming it when you’re away and disarming it when you’re present.

Moreover, a function in the IFTTT services allows users to schedule timings for the cameras, especially at night. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the installation process of the IFTTT, there are other options you can opt for. Several smart home security cameras are compatible with the Google Home (Google Assistant) app. Some of these cameras include Google Nest Home IQ, Arlo, Ring, etc. Fortunately, they are widely obtainable online.

Can You Use Other Cameras With Google Home?

There are open smart home ecosystems provided by Google that you can use in place of Blink cameras. Some of its major brands comprise Wyze, Eufy, and Arlo. All these apps are efficient for making your smart home cameras work perfectly with Google Home or Google Assistant.

Can You Use Other Cameras With Google Home

Here is a detailed description of the top security cameras that can serve as alternatives to the Blink cameras.


One of the wide-range lens cameras you can opt for in place of Blink is the Ring camera. These cameras come with a special feature known as Dual-person Doorbell Attribute. This is what makes them unique and suitable enough for efficient operation.

The fixed pre-installed doorbell of the ring cameras allows you to carry out good surveillance of your home. Additionally, you can see who intends to break into your apartment, what packages are delivered to you, and so on. The additional audio function gives users the leverage to communicate with connected cameras. Also, this camera works with Google Home without any hassles.

Furthermore, with the Ring camera, you can perform 24/7 live streaming. This is an action you can see and connect with using the Google Home app. Moreover, you can store your video recordings for a specific period. This is possible with the cloud storage mechanism function provided by the Google Nest items.

What determines the timings of the video recordings is the particular subscription you are on. Using the Google Nest Hub, you can observe the camera feed from your device. It is from whence you can check the activities that are going on at your front door or anywhere else. Moreover, you can perform this action in the comfort of your couch or bed.


Due to its budget-friendliness and preferences, this camera provides a wide-ranging quality. This is one reason most people consider Arlo as one of the best home security cameras. Also, with Arlo, you can view your camera feed using the Google Nest Hub. Moreover, you can employ other similar apps for the same purpose.

Lastly, the pack of 8 cameras attached to the Arlo camera creates a wider coverage and improves the level of security around your home.

Google Nest Home IQ

Of all the available Google smart home security systems, the Google Nest Home IQ proves to be one of the top-level security cameras. You can employ this camera to view live feed instantly from your connected devices, including Google Nest Hub. Another example is the smartphone working application, which most persons consider the ideal option.

The IQ’s well-made and amplified security system is what’s responsible for its special face recognition function. This camera is quite suitable for use with the Google Home app, given it is a Google product.

How Do I Connect My Blink Camera To Google Home?

To connect your Blink camera to Google Home, you will need to employ the IFTTT services. The services from ITFFF grant you access to work with up to 700 diverse applications. These applications comprise Google Home/Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Dropbox, Fitbit, and more. ITFFF provides its users with integrated services called Applets. This allows users to carry out certain actions they ordinarily can’t do using their apps.

How Do I Connect My Blink Camera To Google Home

We can deduce that it is possible to use IFTTT services to link your Blink cameras with the Google Home or Assistant app. Moreover, you can complete this process in just a few minutes. Fortunately, it does not require special expertise to carry out this installation process. Also, employing the IFTTT services is common with certain Blink creators.

Here are the primary steps you need to go through before implementing the IFTTT services.

  • The first step is authenticating the Blink and Google Home or Assistant app.
  • Select a service or an applet when that is done, which will act as a trigger. The purpose of this trigger is to start up the automation.
  • The following step is to either arm or disarms the system. This is a way of deciding the action that would take place after the service is triggered.
  • What follows is choosing the information you wish to send between Google Home and Blink. Once you’re done with all the steps listed, you can go further to add applets and services.

The IFTTT process gives you more control over Blink Cameras. Once the connection is complete and successful, you can decide when your system arms and disarms. Furthermore, the IFTTT process comes with several features you can choose from.

Final Words

The efficiency and great features of blink cameras are some of the reasons most people choose to use them for home security purposes. They may want to ask, do blink cameras work with Google Home? Well, certain cameras work with the Google Home app. However, blink cameras are not one of them. Although these blink cameras are not designed to function with the Google Home app, there are steps you can take to change this fact.

From this post, you can see that by using IFTTT services, it is possible to connect blink cameras to the Google Home or Assistant app. Some of the necessary steps include authenticating the Blink and Google Home applications. Furthermore, you’re to select the service or applet and finally choose when to arm or disarm the system. You can go through the guidelines provided in this article for this process.

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