Are Google Homes Waterproof?

Are you fascinated by automated systems and smart devices, then Google Home is one of the best devices you need. Its operations cut across different phases in your home, and it can work with your voice command. You can play music and podcasts, get your alarms and important notifications, make orders, and do other activities through Google Home.

With all the numerous functions Google Home can provide, you may decide to keep the device in your bathroom. But are Google Homes waterproof? Though the device could serve different purposes in your home, Google Home is not water-resistant. Hence, you must avoid using it in wet locations like bathrooms and showers.

This article explains the diverse functions of Google Home and its susceptibility to moisture and water. Also, you will learn about the Google Home app, its downloading process, and possible alternatives to the app. Keep reading.

What is Google Home?

Google Home is a smart device that provides you with speakers. The operations of smart speakers go beyond the provision of sounds. Smart speakers have become your handy home assistants, with the world getting more innovative and automated. They help you control other smart devices around them, creating a fully modern and automated home.

What is Google Home

The Google Home device operates with Google Assistant, which you will have to connect to a Wi-Fi network. You can use voice commands to control the device by first saying the programmed words ‘Hey Google’ or ‘OK Google.’ According to the command, Google Home can play some music or podcasts or read you a book. Also, it can serve as your alarm and reminders, create some notifications, and even stream some TV shows.

All you’ve got to do is to connect all your home smart devices and systems to a Wi-Fi network that links to Google Home. You’ll be in for an automated home system that ensures convenience and ease of life. The Google Home device controls your smart lights, switches, thermostat, handles schedules, makes orders, and lots more.

What Are the Functions of Google Homes?

From demanding your saved daily schedule to making orders to playing or searching for music, and others, google Home functions efficiently. Also, the things you can do with the device are numerous.

What Are the Functions of Google Homes

You have to activate the device by saying its programmed command word like ‘Hey Google.’ You will receive a response from the device, after which you could proceed to say what task the device should perform.

Below are some of the functions of the Google Home device.

Play Music

Playing music is one of the tasks Google Home can provide. You can create a Bluetooth connection to your phone and play music while Google Home serves as an ordinary speaker. Also, you can make a voice command to Google and request the songs you want to listen to. You may even demand songs from a particular playlist or initiate a lyrics search where you don’t know the name.

With Google Home, you can also easily access songs from streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora. You can get the Google Home app and set any of the platforms as your default on the home screen.

Organize Your Daily Schedule

For most people, planning their day proper could be quite a herculean task. Not to worry, the Google Home device is your handy assistant. You can save your daily routines on the device, which it will read to you as remainders. These could cut across your means of commuting if it’s a public one, the weather condition, calendar, and other personal engagement.

Also, Google Home could be your guide to notify you of the traffic and your traveling time. You can locate places you don’t know using its directions and get updates on weather forecasts of the areas.

Control Your Home

Google Home stands as the modern and automated home controller. Once you have all your smart home devices connected to your secured Wi-Fi network, Google Home will effectively control them. You can stream shows and videos to your TV if it has built-in and is connected to Chromecast. Your voice command enables the playing and controlling of YouTube videos or from any other streaming platform.

Google Home will allow you to play audio or listen to stories and podcasts through this smart device. It controls other smart devices like turning ON or OFF of your smart lights, thermostats, switches, and others. Also, the device allows the streaming of your home security camera. This offers you the opportunity of monitoring all events and activities within and around your home while you’re away. You could also hear your doorbell more clearly, and you can stream the doorbell video on TV.

Receive Prompt Answers and Information

Using Google Home could give your more leverage in several situations. You will hardly be left out in any area of life. You can ask Google for different facts and information about what you don’t know. Also, it could inform you about the different prices of some financial assets like stocks and digital assets. You can get updates on sports and political news, health and nutritional diets, spelling, the meaning of words, etc.

Make Orders

Google Home will enable you to place orders in different shops and restaurants. You will need to say ‘OK Google’ and place your orders of coffee and pastries in some places. Also, it could search out the closest restaurants, shopping malls, hair salons, and others.

Moreover, it could provide you with detailed guiding steps on cooking some recipes or completing some difficult tasks.

Are Google Homes Waterproof?

The numerous functions that Google Homes could perform imply that the devices have several outstanding features. However, Google Home is not waterproof. This makes it highly susceptible to moisture or water and must completely be put away from wet locations.

Are Google Homes Waterproof

There’s no adequate water-resistant sealing for both the inner wiring and outer housing of Google Home. They will easily get soaked with spills and splashes of water. Also, the device’s power adapter is designed to be at the bottom section without any rubber or plastic seals. Such a lack of protection for moist or liquid will damage the device if exposed to wet locations.

Some of the components of Google home include the following.

  • The device housing case
  • Metal bases
  • Battery bases
  • Swappable fabric
  • Power adapter
  • Wireless network
  • Micro USB port
  • Supports different audio formats

What To Do If Google Home Gets Wet?

Google Home is not water-resistant and requires that you keep it dry at all times. This will promote its durability and ensure optimal performance from the smart device. So, you should follow Google’s recommendation of keeping the device dry or using only dry clothes for cleaning.

However, there could be situations where the Google Home could get wet. This could probably occur when you’re using the device in wet locations like showers or bathrooms. Is there still a possibility for it to operate again?

You can try to rescue the device in such conditions. Apply the following measures if Google Home gets wet.

  • Google Home has a detachable base. So, you will detach the base once there’s a liquid spill or splash on the device.
  • Unclip the base from the other part of the device, which has magnets that hold them together.
  • Using a clean, dry towel, dry the wetness and spills that got inside the base casing. Also, dry the upper part of the device having the magnets.
  • Keep the device open for some time to ensure no perspirations within the inner parts.
  • Then, cover the base casing and reconnect the Google Home to see if it will still function.
  • You may replace the base if you notice some issues with it. Simply place an order from Google or any other site for a new one.

The Google Home App

Google Home gives you the best performance and functions when you connect it to the Google Home App. This application allows you to fully operate and control the device remotely from wherever you are. It brings the entire performance of all the smart devices in your home within your reach, even when you’re on the go.

The Google Home App

The design of the Google Home App is exclusively for Android and iOS smartphones. However, through some tricks that involve the use of an Android emulator, you can use the app on your PC.

Features of the Google Home App

  • Triggers voice recognitions for different people in your home.
  • Pair with several smart devices all at once.
  • Creates easy control for all the devices in your home. Once you downland and install the app, you can conveniently control
  • Gives you updates on both personal schedules and routines and the general societal events and news.

Alternatives to Google Home

Seeing that Google Home is not a waterproof device, you may decide to opt for alternative smart devices. Moreover, you could use some of the smart devices with Google Assistant as Google has created an open link for that.

The great advantage to get from most of the alternative devices to Google Home is that they are waterproof. The enhanced technological features for the design inculcate IP68 resistance. Hence, they can be used in wet areas like showers, bathrooms, and kitchens. Additionally, you will need to need some alternative applications to the Google Home App.

Some of the alternative devices to Google Home include the following:

  • Bose portable smart speaker.
  • Bose sound link
  • Tribit stormbox Bluetooth speaker.
  • JBL flip 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my Google Home in the bathroom?

Google Home is not waterproof and shouldn’t be used in wet locations. Keeping the device in a bathroom exposes it to spills, splashes, and steams from hot baths that could easily damage it.

Can you use Google Home in the shower?

Lots of people will prefer to use Google Home while taking their showers. But since the device is not water-resistant, it is better to place it on a waterproof case when using it in the shower. Also, ensure you have proper ventilation to avoid the device being damaged by perspirations of hot steam.

Can Google Home hear you?

Google Home usually listens to audio sounds in its surroundings. However, it may not necessarily record the sound without receiving the prompting command to do so. You must say its programmed commanding words of ‘Hey Google’ or ‘OK Google’ to activate the recording function of Google Home.

Is Google Home Safe from hackers?

Hackers can invade your Wi-Fi connection to access your Google Home. They could also use any alternative means for hacking purposes. They will reset your Google command or retrieve other vital information that could weaken your home security. You must fortify the security of your Wi-Fi connection.


Google Home is a smart speaker that operates with Google Assistant. Using the device in your home produces you’re the convenience that flows through the world of automated systems. You could easily control other smart devices just with a voice command.

This article on ‘Are Google Homes waterproof’ gives you a clearer understanding of the device. Google Home is not waterproof and could easily be damaged when used around wet locations. Getting the best performance from the device demands that you keep it away from water and other liquids.

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